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Why a bed and breakfast is a unique alternative to a hotel


Hotels can be stuffy and overcrowded if they are in a popular tourist destination. With so many people crowded into one residence, it can be difficult to have a relaxing day without any of your personal needs yet. Instead of being forced into the daily holiday grind, why not try a B&B instead? These are the top reasons why you should give a B&B a chance before you book your next vacation spot.

  1. Unique and Exciting Room Choices

Most hotels are created with a similar business model in mind. Modern, fit with swimming pool and bland, whitewashed walls with a phone line for very expensive room service.  However, B&B’s offer most of these comforts with a unique twist lined into the layouts of their homes.  If you are travelling with children, there are brightly painted B&B’s, some that aim to replicate themselves on famous children show designs, or even model themselves on a different period. Some B&Bs may even have staff that act as if they were from the house’s respected time. This will provide a unique twist for any holiday. Some rooms may even offer fun twists like sleeping in a tepee or tent within its walls.

  1. Better Amenities

3 in 4 travellers claim that amenities in a B&B are far greater than that given in a hotel. With free Wi-Fi, homemade breakfasts in bed, parking and more chances for a wine and cheese happy hour, it is possible to experience the luxury of a hotel, in a B&B, without the cost attached to it. 

  1. Extra Activities

While hotels can locate the normal tourist destinations for a guest, B&B’s can supply their guests with a plethora of activities to entertain them. No longer will you be confined to only being suggested the Blackpool Illuminations at a Blackpool B&B. Instead the owners of many B&B’s offer fun and recreational activities that could not be found in a holiday package or a hotel leaflet. While these activities would depend on your location, you can enjoy a trip filled with hiking, golfing, skating, biking, swimming, skiing, canoeing or water boarding. Enjoy the local perks your host may have to offer you. They have the distinctive touch of their residence and would be happy to help you find the most exciting activities their homes have to offer.

  1. Customer Service Perks

For a B&B owner, it is important to retain personal communication with the B&B visitors. Whether this is by understanding their allergies or informing them of local food sources and unique tourist locations for a varied age of guests, such as fun child friend amusements for those who stay in a Blackpool B&B, to romantic spots for tourists in Paris. Instead of being recommended the busiest of tourist spots, you will be able to explore areas that are off the usual beaten path of regular tourists. Most locations of B&B’s are in the heart of residential areas of the city. This way you will be able to explore the heart of the town, rather than just see a cookie-cutter picture of what a travel agency wishes you to see.