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I can’t seem to stay in one place lately, so I thought it would be good to track my upcoming locations, so you know my travel plans for the next 12 months and where I am right now.

Current Location

New York City

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit New York. Not because of Times Square and Broadway – which are amazing, by the way – but because I have an interest in history, so I was always eager to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, which served as a symbol of hope and freedom for immigrants trying to start a new life in a new country. People came to America to provide a better outcome for their families and that is to be admired, it is no wonder that we now search high and low for answers as to where we come from. Luckily we can discover this and more by using websites like genealogybank.com to follow the path back so we can move forward.

Unfortunately, my time in New York will soon come to an end, which leads me onto my next stops…

The Next 12 Months


I’ll be heading to the home of the Fresh Prince straight after New York City. Me and my girlfriend have rented a car and will be driving to Philadelphia on a sort of mini road trip across America. I’m not going to lie, I’m both excited and scared about the trip. Whilst I cannot wait for all the wonderful memories, America is an intimidating place to be, but makes up for it by offering so many fantastic experiences and varied landscapes.


We will be ditching the car after Philadelphia and jumping on a plane to Florida for a week of rollercoasters and Disney. We’ll be here for two weeks before returning home for Christmas with the family – when I expect to add to the many pounds I have put on in the US.


My girlfriend’s dream has been to visit Mumbai, and we will finally get to visit it this January. Two days after New Year, we will hop onto a plane to experience the Indian culture, as well the Taj Mahal Palace. Right now, I’m brushing up on my Indian history, which will probably aid our trip.