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UK Dog Hotels to Send Your Furry Friend to on Holiday

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It takes a dog owner to understand the significance of a concept such as a dog hotel because your special furry friend can’t just be left to their own devices when you’re away on a non-pet friendly UK holiday. Dog hotels are a far better option than asking your neighbours to keep an eye on your dog and feed it while you’re away and they should in fact also make for the occasional treat which has you sending your canine away for some proper R & R even when you’re not going away yourself.

Here are some good options by way of dog hotels to send your furry friend away to on a nice doggy holiday:

Waggytails Dog Boarding Hotel – Derbyshire

This is not some doggy boot camp for noisy and aggressive dogs. In fact, aggressive and noisy dogs aren’t accepted at Waggytails, so you just know that your dog is really going away for some good pampering and relaxation at a dog boarding hotel nestled in the beautiful countryside of Derbyshire.

It gets really serious here by way of a doggy holiday, with luxury dog boarding comprised out of dog rooms in a charming stone cottage, furnished with comfortable sofas and cosy beds. There’s even a TV and you might perhaps wonder if they weren’t making a reservation for you instead of your dog when you made a booking.

The Grove Luxury Dog Boarding

Luxury seems to be the emerging buzzword as far as dog boarding goes these days and that’s perhaps what makes your dog feel extra special as consolation for having to be separated from you for a little while. Comfort is the name of the game here as the owners have gone out of their way to create a very comfortable environment for dogs to be dogs in. Your dog will immediately enjoy the calming surroundings and will receive extra special care and love the way dogs were meant to be cared for and loved.

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

As the name suggests this is a luxury pet hotel for pets beyond just dogs. It’s still a great choice to take your dog away to for its holiday though, with plenty of exercise and fun awaiting your canine friend beyond the luxury dog boarding kennel suites.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is well fed according to the highest nutritional standards best suited for dogs and you might develop a bit of envy in you to learn that your furry friend is enjoying some attention in the in-house luxury grooming parlour and spa. Comfort is the name of the game here as well in conjunction with creating the ideal environment for pets through the likes of temperature controlled rooms and woodland and forest walks.

Even though all these hotels are great for your pooch, rather than risk upsetting your dog, why not try and find a pet friendly hotel. Check out this site which has a complete guide to taking your dog on holiday, as well as a wide choice of accommodation for you and your pets.