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Top Signs That You’re Ready For a Vacation


When it comes to life, we can easily get so wrapped up in the day to day grind that we forget self-care.  As a society we are always so focused on producing, working, earning, and creating, that we lose sight of the importance of refilling our tanks when they’re empty.

Perhaps you’re so used to running on empty that you don’t even know the difference!  Studies show that people who take at least one vacation a year have higher levels of productivity, better interpersonal relationships, and a much more positive outlook on life.

Here are some of the telltale signs to look for that mean you just might be overdue for a vacation.

Your Alcohol Consumption Increases

One of the most common self-cures for discomfort is trying to numb ourselves.  If we are stressed, sad, angry, or any other sort of uncomfortable feeling we tend to try to pretend it isn’t there.  Some people numb by taking part in activities or hobbies, while others indulge in alcohol and drugs.

Our society markets alcohol as a stress reliever and a treat that one earns at the end of a hard day or week.  Therefore it’s no surprise that the more stressed you are, or worn down, the more you’ll think you deserve a drink.  Or four or twelve.

If you notice that you’re drinking more frequently you may want to ask yourself why, and consider that you need an actual break rather than a quick escape.

Your Patience Is Running Thin

Do you find that your compassion is less than abundant or your patience as thin as ice?  Do things that would normally only be mildly irritating send you into a full-blown face palm, a variety of swear words and a Facebook rant?  

One of the most common signs of needing a break from work is the inability to rationally look at the facts, and instead respond with emotion. Taking a vacation and rediscovering the pleasures of relaxation can help us get back in touch with our deepest and most enlightened parts of ourselves.

You Become Bored Easily

Things that once were invigorating and fun are now feeling humdrum and predictable.  Work doesn’t excite or challenge you and you can’t seem to find the joy in the little things.

One of the biggest keys to happiness is the ability to feel gratitude for even the smallest of things in your day.  So if you aren’t even finding joy in the bigger things, then you’re in trouble and may need to buy the first plane ticket leaving tonight!

A vacation resets our meter and taps into our joyful nature which we can lose when we get too lost in obligations and forget the power of enjoyment and leisure.