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Top 5 green cities you can visit for holiday


For an environmentally conscious person, being ‘green’ is a way of life. Some everyday routines become so ingrained, that you scarcely notice you are doing them at all. So what to do when you are going on holiday? Luckily, there are places where you do not need to break from your green lifestyle, nor feel like an oddball for it. What’s more, these destinations are not only green, they are also among the most desirable travel destinations in the world. If your holiday is coming up, keep an eye on these destinations.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The bicycle capital of Europe, if not the world, Amsterdam has often been praised as an example of a big city which doesn’t revolve around heavy motorized traffic. With almost 2.5 million people living in Amsterdam metropolitan area, it is an impressive piece of information that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. Additionally, a new, improved electrical grid enables residents to more closely monitor and reduce their energy consumption.

San Francisco, The USA

If you are less concerned with air pollution but are adamant about not using plastic bags, the city of San Francisco is the place for you. The city banned plastic bags way back in 2007, making it the first major city to institute such a ban. It has since been amended to improve its effectiveness. However, San Francisco didn’t stop there. It actually banned bottled water in 2016. In a bid to rid the world of plastic, San Francisco is at the forefront. And this Californian city is not yet done with environmentalism. It strongly advocates solar power and is known for encouraging its citizens to install solar equipment. It is believed that San Fransisco uses off-grid power systems to produce solar energy. Moreover, with the help of firms like Zonna Energy, which is known to be a reputed solar equipment supplier, it could be possible for San Fransisco to go green and reduce the wastage of fossil fuel. Solar energy, in recent times, seems to be a reliable solution for saving the planet as it reduces air pollution ad slows down climate change. Therefore, this appears to have been the right choice (for San Fransisco), since according to experts at Greenshine New Energy, solar energy has just become cheaper than fossil fuels in 2016.

Reykjavik, Iceland

You wouldn’t typically expect to find a sustainable city so far north, where heating is required for over a half of the year. However, Iceland has the (mis)fortune to be in a geothermally active area. On the downside, living close to active volcanos doesn’t appeal to most people. On the other hand, this position enables them to tap into these renewable sources and run the entire city on green energy. Even their public transport runs on hydrogen power, making it one of the cleanest cities in Europe. If you’re interested in seeing what Iceland has to offer, then see this site to look into hiring a campervan for your trip. It’s one of the best ways to see the country and means you can be as sustainable as you would like without having to find green hotels.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

This city-state in Southeast Asia has performed very highly on the Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index for years, managing its natural resources with great care. It is notoriously difficult to buy a car in Singapore, with taxes and other charges going as high as 1.5 times the value of the car you are buying. This means that Singapore has a variety of public transport and cycling options available. Additionally, they offer incentives for all new buildings to incorporate solar energy, as well as smart designs to conserve energy and minimize water and energy waste. Many businesses will be looking for the right solar energy company to work alongside them when solar energy becomes something all commercial buildings will be using globally.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital is another European city firmly in the grasp of cyclists. Just like Amsterdam, it has more bicycles than people. About a third of the city’s inhabitants use a bicycle as a primary transport. Cars are used as well, but due to potential traffic jams during rush hours, most people opt for well-planned public transport or cycling. Another thing Copenhagen is known for are the canals. Boat public transport operates on these canals, further alleviating the congestion on the roads. Danish authorities have invested a lot of money to keep the waters of the canals and the harbor clean. This effort was so successful, that it is possible to swim in the inner harbor, which the inhabitants use every chance they get.

These are just some of the most successful cities, but fortunately, there are a number of cities committed to preserving the natural environment. Some other cities which deserve an honorary mention are Vancouver in Canada, Stockholm in Sweden and Bristol in the UK. If you are interested in this topic, you can do some of your own research.

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