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Tips For Traveling Sober In Las Vegas


Each and every year, there are millions of visitors to Sin City. The gambling capital of the world boasts tourist revenues of around $60 million a year. It is a popular getaway, but can be a disaster waiting to happen for a recovering alcoholic.

With bars in every casino, alcohol in almost every hotel, and the temptation to fall around every corner, how is a recovering addict supposed to enjoy what Las Vegas has to offer? Below are a few suggestions.

Enjoy The Natural Surroundings

Gambling, getting drunk, and doing other unsavory things are not the only options for having a good time in Las Vegas. Take the time to enjoy the natural surroundings of the city. Do you enjoy a physical challenge?

Go rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon. You can also hike the old railroad tunnels next to Lake Mead, soak in the hot springs, or go skiing on Mt. Charleston, which is about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. Another option would be to kayak your way down the Colorado River. Instead of getting wasted, get high on the beauty of the natural setting of Las Vegas.

Explore The Cultural Venues

One of the many things that get better when you are sober is your appreciation for the arts. When in Las Vegas, why not cater to your budding cultural side? Catch a play at one of the many playhouses.

Take in the art of the First Friday Art Festival which is held the first Friday of every month. Interested in dance? Visit The Smith Center and take in a jazz or ballet performance. How about visiting one of the many museums that not only showcase the rich history of Las Vegas, but share monthly exhibitions for locals, as well.

This city’s cultural environment is a great way to not only have a great, sober vacation, but build your artistic side, too.  

Find An Adrenaline Rush

Here’s an avenue any aftercare program is bound to approve of. For some, alcohol is an escape from the world. For others, alcohol can be a way to let their inhibitions go; a way to get loose, if you will.

Why not take that need to be uninhibited and focus it on the more extreme venues of Las Vegas? You can start with a 40 mph, 108 ft. bungee jump off the Stratosphere. Then, make your way to the track and sit yourself behind the wheel of a real race car. Besides, how many times in your life will you get the chance to drive a genuine Lamborghini?

Ever tried land sailing? You can also go zip lining in Boulder City reaching 60 mph. If none of those tickle your fancy, sign up for a class in circus trapeze.

Being sober doesn’t mean life is over. In Las Vegas, it means you get to have the time of your life and remember it the next morning.