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The Surprising Perks of Housekeeping-Free Accommodation


When you mention to someone that you’re thinking of booking a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room, one of the first things they’re likely to ask you is how you feel about losing the luxury of housekeeping. You might reply that housekeeping really isn’t the luxury people think it is. In fact, there are plenty of perks that come along with taking care of basic housekeeping yourself.

No Interruptions

When people stay in a serviced apartment, they generally stay longer than a couple of days and don’t spend most of their time out exploring the city. As such, it’s nice to remain undisturbed by housekeeping. It could be that you need to take care of business during the day, or you could simply have booked the apartment to spend time with your significant other in ways that do not regularly involve leaving the room. In either case, you really don’t want housekeeping knocking on the door all the time.

Everything How You Want It

Another benefit that comes with booking a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room is being able to treat it like more of a home-away-from-home. You can keep everything where you want it, and it doesn’t matter too much if things are a little untidy. Hotel housekeeping can mess that arrangement up because they are responsible for putting a room back to how you first found it.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

In the vast majority of cases, housekeeping staff are completely trustworthy. That said, people can still feel nervous when they leave particularly valuable items in their hotel room. Whether it’s a state of the art tablet or an expensive necklace, it’s easy to imagine someone thieving away your more precious possessions. That’s not to say it’s actually going to happen, but it’s hard not to dwell on the possibility once it enters your mind. A serviced apartment should only be accessed by you and your guests during your stay, so you won’t need to worry about security.