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The Quintessential Student Backpacker’s List


This isn’t your typical list comprised exclusively out of physical items, but if you want to enjoy the full backpacking experience while you’re balancing your wanderlust out with your studies (and the student finances to go with), there are some essential considerations to put on your planning list.

Basic Student Discounts List

This is where it all begins if you have any aspirations of exploring the inner backpacker in you while you’re studying because your budget is essentially what makes or breaks your travel plans. Every single discount that’s available to students should be made use of and you should be so serious about your student discounts that you keep a list. It’ll come in handy when you need to scrape together those last few pennies which could add up to a nice escape.

Actively Pursued Student Discounts List

It’s never enough keeping a list of those discounts which are available to all students. You need to also have a list of those discounts which you actively went out to seek, like perhaps those made available through group savings sites (like Groupon) or even those which you receive via email alert as a result of opting in to special student promotions.

Travel Plan

You need to have a solid travel plan that you’ve mapped out and allocated some time to, which is to take place no matter what. It could be a specific weekend or a strategically allocated long weekend that has been extended by a couple of holidays falling within the proximity of the weekend. Either way, this one trip will set the ball rolling and break your backpacking duck, giving you a taste of what you should look forward to whenever you plan to take your next trip.

Fully Stocked Backpack

Your backpack should have some student backpacker essentials like your laptop, which should in turn have digital versions of your textbooks, class notes and other study material so that you can perhaps get some work done when feeling productive or if you’ve found a truly inspiring retreat hideaway. You can keep some of your clothes in your backpack so that it’s almost always ready just to grab and go because you never know when the opportunity to do go may pop up. Other essentials you’ll obviously pack in would include toiletries, underwear, etc., but you don’t want to overdo anything since it is indeed a short steal-away and not backpacking in the way you’d do if you didn’t have the small matter of your classes to attend. One thing you should definitely make sure that you have packed is a skincare kit that’s akin to the type you might enjoy the luxury of at home. Using the free toiletries provided in hostels and hotels might be convenient, but regularly changing your skincare regime can be harmful and irritate your skin badly. This advice is often ignored by men, who don’t take too much time out to consider their skincare needs, but it’s just as important for men if not more important to keep on top of their skin’s needs! When in different climates the skin can be more susceptible to damage, especially if you regularly shave. Take a look at Get Shave Advice for more information on the type of products you might want to include in your kit if you’re jetting off any time soon.

Your mobile device would perhaps also go into your backpack if it’s not kept on your person, but its importance resides in the fact that it could very well come in handy as a backup connectivity device (USB or Bluetooth tethering) should you somehow not be able to access the internet.

Backup Plan

Even if you’re organised with everything including the likes of your student bus pass to essentially go backpacking on the cheap, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case things go wrong. This includes having some emergency money you can either dig into immediately or access via a debit card or something along those lines.