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The Perfect Stay: Seeking Out a Luxury Hotel Experience


There are those who are satisfied just to have a place to rest their head at night. Others want to feel more than comfortable when away from home. Just like some like to fly in a private jet while others don’t mind flying in economy class, some seek economy lodges while others spend the night at luxury hotels. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Free WiFi

Very few hotels or chains that align its name with luxury is going to charge for WiFi. To attract the right kind of clientele, luxury brands provide the bare essentials. Therefore, you want to find a place where you can use WiFi in your room, in a plush library, or at the rooftop bar free of charge.

Around the Clock Room Service

Business travelers and eccentrics alike do not have normal hours. Therefore, you don’t want to stay in a place where the kitchen closes when you’re hungry and there’s no one to clean your business attire when it’s in need of a press. NYC is the city that never sleeps but most luxury hotels have round the clock services.

Five Star Restaurants

You want a grand experience all within arm’s reach. Therefore, luxury hotels attract top chefs to establish restaurants on the grounds. That way, those seeking a luxury experience can eat and sleep under the same roof. Regardless of what chef’s name is on the restaurant door, you shouldn’t have to travel far for world-class cuisine.

Pampered Services

There’s maid service and then there’s pampered service, which is more like living as royalty. Such diligence from service people is hard to come by when you’re staying at the economy inn. Again, luxury hotels know the type that wants to feel regal. See about spa services offered at the Park Ridge Marriott.

Private Check-In

A long flight topped-off with waiting in line to check-in to your hotel room is not a welcome thought. You can’t control your flight but you can make it seamless to check-in your room. It’s just another complimentary service offered by luxury hotels.

Added Privacy

The staff of luxury hotels is used to having celebrities and high profile people stay there. They know how to be discreet and add another layer of privacy as not to create a nuisance or security threat. For example, the staff at such places will not mention the suite numbers or full names of guests.

Customized Service

At an economy chain, you may come across an employee that remembers your name by the fifth day. At a luxury hotel, the kitchen knows your diet restrictions, the maids know how many pillows you sleep with, and the service desk remembers your favorite suite number. You can’t put a price on customized service and high-end clients crave that level of attention.

Fitness Facilities

You may find an exercise bike and a few weights when staying at an economy inn. A luxury chain has top of the line exercise equipment and knowledgeable staff who provide personal attention and lead regular classes. Seek places that help you stay fit while you travel.