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The Essentials of a Real Holiday Retreat


Whether you have a full-time job or if you operate your own business, at some point along the way those occasional vacations you take just won’t do it anymore to help you refresh and recharge your batteries. At some point you will need a serious holiday retreat which will have you falling into a routine (or not) that doesn’t even in the slightest bit resemble that of your everyday life. A serious retreat of this sort also does a lot to relax your mind and not just your body, in addition to perhaps opening you up to a world of possible different perspectives you could maybe implement once you get back to improve your life.

Don’t get too used to what is often referred to as the ‘slow island life’ though, unless you have a desire and a plan to turn that kind of life into your daily reality.

If you are indeed planning one of these ‘re-boot’ holiday retreats, there are a few essentials which you simply cannot do without, otherwise the whole exercise will be a futile one.

Befitting, Faraway, Remote Location

Get the destination right and you’re just about all set with regards to the complete requirements for a real holiday retreat. A befitting destination for an effective holiday retreat features two aspects really, one being the need for it to be far away from where you live or work with the other being the setting of the destination. So if for instance you live and work in London maybe, heading to Central or South America with a seaside villa surrounded by exotic rainforest as your final destination will fit the bill perfectly. It’ll have to be someplace you wouldn’t think of as the first consideration for your regular holiday, like Costa Rica perhaps if the Central Americas are indeed your chosen destination.

Travelling far to get to your retreat really makes it feel like a retreat, during which you are genuinely getting away from it all, while the markedly different environment will limit your eyes coming into contact with any triggers that usually make up whatever it is that stresses you out.

Back-Up Travel Plan

This simply refers to your travel arrangements — the logistics of getting to and from your ultimate holiday retreat. Since you’ll likely not be visiting a popular destination with many established flight routes covering it, being able to fall back on different travel arrangements is very important. If you plan properly you shouldn’t have any problems, even if your chosen retreat is someplace like one of those pacific islands where a ship only sails about once in three months.

Digital Detox Plan and a Special Retreat-Worthy Activity

Very few people in the world can manage doing absolutely nothing at all, all day, every day, but in case you’re not one of those people, plan a “go-to” activity like reading or something along those lines to keep yourself busy with when there’s nothing else going on. Resist the urge to check emails or keep up with your friends on social media as well, otherwise you’ll eat into the essence of your retreat.

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