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Sober Traveling Made Possible By These Helpful Tips


Anyone who has dealt with living in recovery can attest to the dangers of being on the road. Having gone through the effort of admitting that they had an addiction – potentially with the help of something like this quiz https://www.aristarecovery.com/drug-addiction/alcohol-addiction/am-i-an-alcoholic-quiz/ – and then getting the help they needed to overcome this, they want to make sure not to fall back into old, destructive habits. Stepping away from a recovering addict’s comfort zone of routine can quickly throw a proverbial monkey wrench in their sobriety efforts.

Vacation should set off a million red flags tagged with the word “beware,” however, there is no sense in avoiding the joy of joining the family on vacation just because a person is in recovery. Just be vigilant. Keep these few tips in mind while planning a fun, adventurous, and sober vacation.

Thoroughly plan each step of the journey

Idle time without direction can be dangerous for anyone facing the struggles of addiction. Confusion and stress can also be a trigger, so plan out who, what, when, and where the journey will lead.

Look carefully at the hotel and its surroundings. It probably would not be a great decision to book the Hard Rock Hotel in the middle of spring break. Take the time to consider various factors that will affect the experience.

Locate local meetings

If vacation hits while a person is still in the early stages of recovery, it might be a good idea to seek out local meetings while traveling. The program is all over the world, and there is almost always a group of addicts in recovery nearby. Find like-minded company.

If needed, there are even virtual meetings online that offer support any time of the day or night. Hop online for a few words of affirmation and an uplifting experience. Check it out!

Travel with a crew of people

Travel with an empathetic group of like-minded people for safety in numbers. If there is no way to escape going on a solo mission, make a point to keep in contact with friends and family while away.

It is important to remain attached and grounded to life back home. Addicts tend to enjoy escape a little too much. Be mindful of these truths.

Take care of the body

It is important that vacation equal rest, relaxation, and joy. People should treat their bodies to the gift of relaxation. Going away is typically about releasing the stressors of everyday life. Allow the time away from work and routine to be a time of meditation and enrichment.

Eat a healthy breakfast every morning while away. Get plenty of sleep each night, and avoid over-scheduling. Make sure there is time to sit still, but not too much.

Relax and enjoy being on vacation

Remember this is fun! Take a deep breath and see the sights. Live in the moment, and allow a different perspective to guide the journey. Traveling is beautiful all by itself. There is no need to use when life offers such an invigorating experience.