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My Favourite Locations

I am a little bit in love with the world, and I fell head over heels for so many cities, communities, countries and even continents over the years. So, as hard as it has been to choose, I have selected my favourite locations on the planet.

The Lake District, England

Now this one is easy. I absolutely love the Lakes. It’s beautiful, tranquil and there are some excellent oldie worldie pubs that I could spend hours in. My favourite place in the Lakes is Bowness-on-Windemere, as it offers beautiful scenery and you can take a boat across the lake to Ambleside.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has all the traditional architecture and history but all the buzz of modern stores, restaurants and events, which make it one amazing city. Edinburgh is also the home to my favourite street: Princes Street, which is filled so many wonderful shops and restaurants, as well as historic buildings that offer a unique charm to the capital city.

Milan, Italy
Speaking of exceptional architecture, you must visit Milan. Unfortunately, I’ve only visited he city once, but I was blown away by the beauty and detail of the buildings. If you love to shop and have the cash to match, you should visit Milan, because there’s a reason it is one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Brisbane, Australia
Many people will often want to head straight to Sydney when planning a trip to Oz, but Brisbane is so much better. That’s no disrespect to Sydney, but Brisbane offers breath-taking scenery, a plethora of museums and a vibrant nightlife.

Istanbul, Turkey

I could write a book about the many amazing things Istanbul offers, but one of the best things has to be the loveable locals who turn a good holiday into a great holiday. You could spend days in the bars and restaurants, enjoying Raki, mezzes and the delicious bread they serve with every meal. After a meal and drinks, you can walk along the harbour, taking in the picturesque skyline whilst listening to the eclectic sound of the muezzins.