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Make the most of booking a first-class ticket to Dubai


The city of Dubai is one associated with indulgence and when visiting it is hard not to notice the extravagance of every detail across the city. With incredible sights such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Al Arab, there are some truly incredible things for every traveller to look forward to. Finding a Five Star Resort in Dubai is not difficult in this area of the world either.

A lot like the city, the airline companies that predominantly fly in and out of Dubai are also associated with an extremely luxury experience, and in most cases, the prices of the business and first-class flights reflect that. For regular flyers to the city it is always difficult to find a comfortable and well-priced business or first-class seat, especially when business arises at the drop of a hat, and in a lot of cases, individuals pay excessive amounts of money for a seat not even including a transfer service to a hotel.

Where to look
Across the internet you can find a multitude of with flight comparison services, though don’t jump at the first offer you receive, it is always best to shop around and choose one which specialises in business clients and has outstanding reviews.

Staying one step ahead
When using price comparison sites it is always a good idea also to clear your cookies from your computer memory. Many sites use ‘cookies’ in your computer’s history to remember what first class ticket to Dubai you are searching for, this can change the price of your flight each time you log onto the same website.

As we know, first-class tickets don’t come cheap, though today in comparison to first-class tickets ten years ago are much more affordable for everyday business travellers, with some travel companies one-way first-class to Dubai for 2,400 and business class for as little as 989. When finding yourself a good deal, always do your research before committing to buying the ticket, check the reviews of the airline and always see what is included in the price.

What is included
Flying first-class to Dubai is always a truly great experience, the airlines spare no expense for their first-class and business class passengers, this should be no different with your ticket booking service. The company should work with your airline on your behalf to ensure that your travel arrangements go seamlessly and organise all necessary transfers and hotels (if included in the price).

When travelling first-class or business we all understand that a significant amount of money is being spent, whether it be a business trip or a luxury holiday and even when get a good price, you should always have a personal point of contact with your travel company to assure the trip is tailored to you.

Enjoy the experience
Dubai never spares an expense when it comes to first-class travel, so when you get it at a good price, the experience just feels even better. Once you arrive in the city, ensure you make the most of the services provided and enjoy every moment,