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Jet-setting: 5 things to consider when choosing a hotel


Choosing a hotel can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many options and it can be difficult to filter through all of the choices presented to us. However, it is essential that we plough through this research, as the hotel makes all the difference to how much you enjoy your stay somewhere.

Here are the 5 things we think you should consider when choosing a hotel:

Location, location, location 

Location is a highly important factor when it comes to choosing a hotel. If you’re looking for a sunny holiday, for example, you need to think about your hotel’s proximity to beaches, parks for the kids, tourist attractions, and nightlife. Alternatively, if you’re heading on a business trip, consider your hotel’s proximity to shopping centres, medical services, and sporting facilities – you may find that you need your hotel to be closer to a town or city centre than you anticipated. Above all, do your research, as the benefits of a good location cannot be understated.


The amenities of your hotel should also be a priority when you’re choosing it. You need to think carefully about the services being offered. For example, if you’re off on a family holiday with your children, you’ll most likely be seeking a hotel with a swimming pool and kids club. If you’re travelling on business, think about the hotel’s Wi-Fi and secretarial services.


Every holidaymaker wants to get the best possible value for their money. Choose your hotel wisely and weigh up the costs – value-adding extras like extended hours’ room service and laundry services may make all the difference. Make sure that you also search around for hotel deals and packages – don’t be afraid to ask for discounted rates! The travel industry is highly competitive and different companies will offer different deals. A good way to evaluate value for money is to compare the prices of hotels with other hotels of similar AAA star ratings.


Never underestimate the importance of reviews. A lot of travellers take the time to share their experience of hotels, good and bad! Check out travel forums, hotel review sites like TripAdvisor, and even social media to see what other holidaymakers are recommending. Whilst a huge list of negative reviews is usually a sign that a hotel is substandard, please bear in mind that some reviews can be specific to that traveller’s experience. Don’t let one bad review put you off.


Think about how you’re going to get to your hotel. If you’re taking a car or hiring one, where can you park it? Is your hotel offering a shuttle service to the airport and nearby attractions? How reliable is the local taxi service? You don’t want to waste your holiday trying to find transportation, so be sure to do your research.

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