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How to record Amazon Prime Videos using Movavi


Do you know about Amazon Prime Instant Video? This is a streaming video service that is growing in popularity day by day. It is similar to services like Hulu and Netflix, where each user can watch any video or movie of course by paying a certain fee. Users of these services will likely have a good internet plan in place from places like centurylink internet that will enable them to stream the content they want without it stopping to buffer or, worse, cutting out completely. However, for some people, watching on Amazon Prime Instant Video is not a practical thing because they are required to buy each separate movie, each sold at a fairly expensive price.

You may have to watch offline if you do not want to go through that unpleasant path. It’s likely that you’ll need a third-party app or software (click here to learn more) for this purpose. However, when it comes to our recommendations, we suggest that you watch Amazon Prime videos using Movavi, which is one of the best to record Amazon Prime Video. You need Movavi Screen Recorder and this powerful software gives you great ability to record any video stream on any platform. You can use Movavi Screen Recorder for various devices like iPad, iPhone and Android-based smartphones. You are absolutely free!

You just have to download

Download Movavi Screen Recorder and start running each instruction. Do not worry because these instructions are pretty easy to do.

  1. InstallOf course after the download process is done you need to install the program into your computer. Once installed you can immediately run the program on your computer.
  2. Recording AdjustmentFind the Amazon videos you love and position the capture frame just above the video. You can click any area on the screen and define the best dimension (in the Capture Area section).
  3. RecordingRecording can be done very easily. Simply press ‘REC’ and the recording process will run. You have at least 3 seconds before the process begins, giving you the opportunity to prepare or stabilize the recording angle. To note, the first format is MKV but you can change it (to another format).
  4. SavingSwitch to the preview window and you can click ‘Save As’. Choose the format you want. By using Movavi you can watch all Amazon Prime videos without purchasing them separately. Of course this is a great savings.