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Does Staying in a Self Catering Unit on Holiday Save You Money?


If you’re a seasoned traveller or indeed if your very first pre-trip research has come along nicely, you’ll know all about the different types of accommodation available, particularly with regards to the pricing associated with these different types of accommodation. An ocean-facing five-star hotel is considerably more expensive than a guesthouse or bed and breakfast, for instance, but there are so many more dynamics to consider if you do indeed intend to choose your holiday lodging with cost savings in mind.

But how exactly does a self-catering unit save you money while you’re on holiday — beyond the fact that it’s cheaper than a hotel, of course?

Well it’s as simple as spending less on what would otherwise be some value-added services that come with fully-serviced accommodation options like hotels or having the costs associated with those value-added service cut out completely. If you stay in a guesthouse or bed and breakfast over a hotel, for example, that guesthouse or B&B doesn’t operate an in-house restaurant or doesn’t have a 24-hour concierge service for instance — just two of the many value-added services priced into the cost of staying at the typical hotel. In many instances, lodgers pay for these value-added services without ever making full use of them.

So whether you eat at the resident restaurant of the hotel you’re staying in or not, the base charge for your room factors-in some of the costs associated with keeping that restaurant operational. Of course you’d then spend even more if you actually went to eat at that resident restaurant.

Sticking with food as one of the value-added services which make a difference in the costs of staying at something like a hotel over a self-catering unit, the ability to prepare your own food using fresh ingredients you bought can also contribute greatly to your enjoyment of a cheaper holiday getaway. Research carried out by Oldrids & Downton, seems to indicate so as well. These specialists in the sale of dinner sets and other homeware clearly demonstrated in their research that cooking from scratch works out much cheaper than buying the same meal at a restaurant. This research did not include other money-saving factors, such as using a sam’s club coupon when shopping for food. If such penny-pinching measures can be used on holiday, then the savings of a self-catering unit could be greater.

The parameters naturally differ in relation to all the details however, such as where you choose to eat out and where you choose to buy your ingredients to cook the same meal you would have eaten in a restaurant. They did however take into account some numbers from one of the retailers with the biggest market share, comparing the prices of the goods they stock with the cost of enjoying a meal prepared using those ingredients with same meal at a restaurant or other food outlet in the UK’s biggest cities.

There are naturally many other ways through which staying in a self-catering unit on holiday helps you save money over staying at a traditional fully-serviced hotel, but just the food-factor alone saves a lot of money if you’re smart about your dining needs. It doesn’t always have to be as cut-and-paste as say staying in a guesthouse or B&B so that you can cook your own food, but can also take the form of perhaps staying in a hostel (which is even cheaper) and then still having more money to perhaps occasionally dine at one of the fancier restaurants, if that is indeed your preference.

Ultimately though, it works out much cheaper to cook for yourself, from scratch.