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Craft a Perfect Holiday by Following Golf


Golf is one of the oldest sports still being played. Many historians will tell you that golf has been played since as far back as ancient Rome. The ancient Romans might have played some version of the game with a stuffed bladder and a stick. The ancient Britons also played something along those lines. The game as it is known now came to be in the United Kingdom. The first courses were links courses. This means that links golf is likely the oldest type of golf still being played. It is played all around the world in exotic and exciting locations. Because of the age of golf and the many different types of courses that can be built, it is popular all over the world. There are championship courses all over the world in very interesting places. This means that someone who is looking to craft an exciting holiday can follow golf around and see some incredible places. Of course, before they play on some of these world-class courses, they’ll want to ensure that they have perfected their game. Many will spend hours practicing, either at their local club or with the help of a virtual golf simulator. Either way, nobody wants to waste the opportunity to play on the best courses when their games aren’t quite up to par.

Incredible Places

Links courses are played on slowly undulating grounds along the coasts of bodies of water. Therefore, if you go to a golf match that is on a links course, you will be near a beautiful body of water. That makes it a great spot for a holiday. There are courses in the Middle East that include large amounts of desert and sand. That could make a perfect excuse for a trip to Dubai or somewhere else in the region.

The United States is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. You can go to golf tournaments in the southeastern United States where the climate is subtropical and warm almost all year round. You can go to a links course on the Pacific coast where it is constantly sunny and comfortable. You can go to courses in the northeast where some of the oldest cities in the country are still standing. These are all incredible places to visit and different golf major championship packages will get you there.

Golf Majors

There are dozens of different major tournaments in the PGA and USGA. They are all over the world. You can find one at just about any time of the year. Also, you will hopefully be able to golf on those courses. Depending on what type of package you choose and when you visit these places, you might even be able to golf on the same courses as some of the most celebrated professionals in the sport.

Golf is one of the few sports where you can compete against the best athletes in the world on literally the same playing field. In golf competitions, your true competitor is the golf course itself. Therefore, you can compare yourself to the greats and see how you stack up. It’s also a great way to take a holiday.