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Common Mistakes When Selecting a Car Shipping Company


If you are moving overseas and you wish to bring your vehicle along with you, there are several ways you can transport a car from the UK to another part of the world. A car is an expensive commodity, especially if you drive a classic, so picking the right type of car shipping business is vitally important. You will have to do extensive research on the companies you may pick, so if you are checking out trucking companies in Georgia for shipping, as an example, then you want to be assured they have a safety policy and your insurance covers what you need it to. There is a lot to consider before making that choice.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make during the selection process.

Choosing the Cheapest Service

This happens in all sorts of industries, some people get blindsided by discount prices and don’t consider other important factors. The minute they hear what seems like an incredible deal, they just jump at the chance without taking some time to assess the situation. Like in any industry, there are con artists and dishonest businessmen operating between the cracks, a large portion of deceitful car transporters will falsify documents, making it seem like you are getting an incredible deal, when in reality they don’t provide any sort of reassurances if anything goes wrong.

Whether you are searching for an international vehicle removal service in Norfolk or any other city in East Anglia, you should always know who you are dealing with. Don’t waste your time with unbelievably cheap shipping offers, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

Handing Over a Deposit Before Collection

Most reputable vehicle shipping companies won’t ask for a deposit until they’ve collect your car, once your vehicle has entered transit they’ll ask for the full price. Some honest businesses will require the full price when the vehicle has been collected, they won’t take a partial payment and they’ll only load your car as long as you’ve fully paid for their service.

The companies you really must be weary of are the ones who ask for a deposit the moment you place your order. They generally ask customers to immediately sign a contract putting your mind at ease, the reason they do this is to con you out of your deposit money. In the fine print, which most of the time nobody reads, it will state that the deposit is non-refundable even if the removal company fails to collect your car.

Selecting a Company with No Tracking Service

It is important to choose a car transport supplier who guarantees they’ll know the whereabouts of your vehicle the minute it leaves their hands. For security purposes, they should have a globally integrated computer system which allows them to track consignments ensuring they reach their proposed destination. Many companies offer technology-integrated, tailored solutions for the purposes of real-time tracking and fleet management which can be utilized. With the help of telematics systems (https://www.lytx.com/en-us/resources/articles/telematics), these software can assist with many aspects of cargo delivery, including reliable tracking. Your vehicle should also be stored in a safe lock up which is monitored by CCTV and security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s also important to make sure that the shipping company that you have decided to use has the relevant insurance when it comes to driving your car to the intended destination. Just as you need to have coverage when you want to drive your car on the roads, so do companies that work in this industry, so make sure they have enlisted the help of somewhere like these motor trade insurance brokers to find the relevant plan for their needs before deciding to use them to transport your own vehicle.

Moving overseas can be a stressful, challenging time for anybody, so it is important to leave your car shipping logistics in the hands of a trustworthy, reputable organisation. Don’t make any of the mistakes mentioned above when selecting a business. Do some background checks to try and avoid dealing with unreliable, substandard shipping providers.