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Cod Beck Reservoir Gets Pathway Improvements


Sections of the walking route at Cod Beck reservoir have just been improved by Yorkshire Water, a welcome development for visitors who like to head on over to enjoy all the beautiful scenery.

The reservoir is situated in the North York Moors National Park, near the Osmotherley village and is a leisure destination which is very popular amongst dog walkers, ramblers, bird watchers and also for picnicking day-trippers who love spending some of their summer days at the reservoir.

The path on the west side of the reservoir runs all the way through a wood and the company has thinned the coniferous trees to allow for the remaining trees to enjoy more space to grow, support the development of a diverse woodland with young trees and broadleaves being present. The thinning will also let much more light through the tree canopy and onto the path, giving a better walking experience and views across the reservoir.

Opening up the ground and allowing more light into the wood will also allow other trees, shrubs and ground flora to establish themselves. Yorkshire Water’s woodland management programme is accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council which promotes responsible forestry and meets the highest environmental and social standards.

The timber which comes from the felled trees is being used in the timber trade for the construction industry and biomass energy.

Extended sections of the walking route have had some improvement made to them with the introduction of a fine aggregate topping, making the surface flatter and smoother. The path’s slope is also gentler, with widened sections to improve access and this compliments path works which were undertaken along the other shore, a few years ago.

The walk around the reservoir incorporates privately-owned land and National Trust land and in order to enjoy this circular walk around the whole reservoir visitors must be able to cross some stepping stones over the beck.

Geoff Lomas, Recreation and Catchment Manager at Yorkshire Water said ‘We welcome visitors and we’re continually trying to deliver our promise to our customers to protect and improve the water environment. We want to improve the experience visitors have when they visit our land and the paths are now in great shape ready for the rest of summer and autumn when we tend to see visitor numbers increase dramatically.”

An invitation to visit Cod Beck must include a warning that the reservoir has claimed the lives of people taking a swim to cool down on a summer’s day.

Reservoirs may seem like a good place to take a swim or cool down but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When fatalities occur – and they do across the UK each year – it’s often the temperature which is the most significant factor.

Reservoirs are deep and the water doesn’t flow like in rivers or the sea so the temperature rarely rises much above 12C. It really doesn’t matter how well a person can swim as it’s the cold which paralyses muscles, meaning the victim is unable to stay afloat and if help doesn’t arrive within seconds, they will drown. Strong currents also lurk beneath the surface of often calm looking waters as water is drawn off into the supply network.

Geoff added, “By all means come along and enjoy the lovely scenery around our reservoirs but please stay safe and keep out of the water. Please pay attention to the signs warning visitors about the dangers.”