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Advantages Of Staying At A Villa Instead Of A Hotel


Those that are looking for a getaway that is extra special for a group of friends or for a family really want to consider the possibility of hiring villas for the stay duration instead of opting for the regular hotel or apartment stays. You can so easily opt for this option in various circumstances from the romantic Italy week long getaway to a luxury retreat at Villa Punto de Vista (Costa Rica villa). Every single interested traveler should know about the advantages mentioned below.

Increased Privacy

You are basically renting a very own home and the privacy that is offered will be so much higher than what is offered by an apartment complex or the classic hotel. All villas these days include practically all you would require. That makes these locations especially perfect when referring to the longer stays. You can take advantage of options like pools, safes and so much more. It does not matter where you go since the privacy that you get is normally a lot higher, which is a huge advantage for groups of travellers and couples.

Increased Space

Choosing the villa automatically means that you gain more space, which is so important if you want great comfort. It is possible to have access to more rooms and everything basically becomes highly cost effective. Rent the villa when you visit a hot location as you get more outdoor space and the exact same thing can be said about when it is cold outside. Private patios are common and many other such features can be considered.

Extra Staff Access

There are actually quite many villas that include extra staff like a live-in chef that would offer a perfect gourmet experience. This is something you want to take into account when you have special occasions that appear when you travel and much more is currently available. Do be sure that you take a look at the various extras included since you might end up faced with an option like the live-in chef.

Access To The Remote Locations

So many of the really great villas you could rent are located in some surroundings that are simply beautiful. You can end up staying in an area that is simply way too rural for the hotels, options that do not regularly cater to many tourists. As an example, when looking at locations like Greece and Tenerife, so many small hot spots that are remote are available. You can simply hire cars and then lodge in a location that is very remote, making the vacation even more private.

Increased Facilities

When we compare the villas with the hotels, it is quite obvious that we are faced with many more facilities that are currently available. It is definitely something we have to take into account. The more features offered by popular vacation resorts like the rancho palos verdes resort, the better the entire vacation!


As you can easily see, it is a great idea to think about renting a villa for your next vacation. That is especially the case when referring to groups travelling together.