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6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Card Frauds


With the level of sophistication of modern-day criminals, many are left feeling defenseless. Sometimes credit cards can be used to steal your identity. This can lead to you potentially needing to seek out the potential assistance of an identity theft lawyer should you, unfortunately, have your identity stolen. If you would like to take a proactive approach, there are a number of things you can do to mitigate your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft or card fraud.

1.) Protect Your Privacy

Whenever you receive documents containing personal information and pre-approved card offers, make sure to shred these items. While at the gym, at work, or in your car, be mindful to keep your wallet or purse in a safe location. Don’t write down passwords where they can easily be found. To assist you with remembering these passwords, use a password keeper app. This will allow you to use passwords on a multitude of accounts accessed on a personal computer or smartphone. When banking online, do so with a VPN enabled to encrypt your connection and defend yourself against cybercriminals who look to exploit unsecured connections to steal then subsequently sell private information and data on the dark web – something like hola vpn should set you up well to bank with peace of mind.

2.) Use Visa Prepaid Card

Since there are absolutely no credit checks involved when applying for a Visa prepaid card, they are easily accessible to all. Credit facilities are not linked to the cards, limiting what is available to spend to the pre-loaded balance of the card. The card can be used just like any other credit or debit card to make purchases online, in-store and at ATM machines.

In the event that a prepaid card is involved in a case of theft or lost, financial damages will be limited to the prepaid card’s stored value, limiting the amount of any losses and protecting your credit score. In addition to this, prepaid cards are made to be safe just like traditional debit or credit cards since prepaid cards are safe and protected with the chip and/or PIN security system. Should you lose or happen to have your card stolen, you can simply reach out to your prepaid card service provider and have your prepaid card account blocked instantly and a replacement sent straight away.

3.) Monitor Your Accounts Everyday

Monitoring of your accounts and checks on a daily basis is highly advisable. If any fraudulent activities are noticed, immediately report it to your service providers. You will have to report and verify each one, but be aware that fraudulent charges can mount and add up quickly.

With each additional fraudulent charge, your credit score could be suffering. Watch your accounts closely and check in with them daily in order to mitigate any damages that could arise. You want to be watching if and when fraudsters strike.

4.) Use Common Sense When Shopping Online

Most people enjoy the convenience of shopping online. Make sure your computer is safe before any personal information is input. Secure the wireless network and install a an automatically updated and reliable virus software on your computer. Use of the more secure “https:” at the beginning of the web address is suggested when paying online and visiting various websites. The use of passwords that are of at least 8 characters long is strongly recommended.

5.) Protect Your Mail

Should you leave town, ask a family member or friend to pick up your mail each and every day. An alternative would be to have it held at the post office until the date at which you return. In addition, keep from posting the details of your vacation – whether they be selfies, dates or locations. This activity could notify a thief to the fact that your home may be vacant and would increase the likelihood of theft.

6.) Watch Out for Suspicious Activity

If collections on new accounts or unfamiliar balances, that are unrecognised by you are found on your credit report, missing card bills or you’re denied credit for no particular reason, these could all be signs of possible identity theft. Strange activity, like the ones previously mentioned should be investigated right away. In the corporate sector, when situations like this arise, employers usually consider seeking the help of digital forensics experts who can handle the extraction and preservation of digital data with methodologies acceptable for the courtroom (to learn more about this, interested individuals can check out the webpage of Eide Bailly). Perhaps, you should also consider asking for help from someone similar. Remember, it is always easier to resolve the sooner you begin.

Final Word

Identity theft, data breach and card fraud are somewhat unavoidable and common in this day and age. With financial digitalisation, you must be more vigilant. Pick prepaid over credit when possible and be mindful of your finances by reviewing them regularly. The use of financial tools that are security-enhanced, such as a prepaid Visa cards, will significantly reduce fraud related damages to your credit score and general finances. Go visit the T24 Black Card website to kick start your prepaid card application.