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5 Ways To Fund Your Dream Vacation


Here are a few percentages that might place the American family vacation into perspective. Last year, the average family planned to spend over $1,000 per person on leisure travel. Eighty-one percent of surveyed American Express cardholders said that they had to specifically set aside cash for their yearly vacation.

Ninety percent of those surveyed said that they were always looking for ways to cut travel costs, and nearly 40 percent said that they would rather drive than fly. Americans are cutting their travel experiences short due to lack of funds.

Traveling is expensive, and most people simply do not have the extra money to pay such expenses. Luckily, there are several options for families in need of financial guidance. Take a moment to read through this short overview of a few easy ways to fund the family’s dream vacation.

Take out a vacation loan

Vacation loans are usually unsecured personal loans used for travel that could be procured from Tower Loan or like companies. Unlike traditional loans, these loans do not require any collateral, and you repay them in fixed monthly installments over a number of months. You may be eligible for a lower or higher interest rate based on your creditworthiness and income.

With the rise of online lenders is here, there are several excellent loan options available to individuals online, and Blue Trust Loans is one of them.

Online lenders will typically have the money deposited into the client’s bank account within days. It is one quick and legitimate way to collect a lump of cash for that dream vacation.

Cut spending in several areas

A simpler solution to savings is reduced spending. Cut back on what the family spends each month for “staple” items by purchasing the generic or store brand version instead of the name brand version.

As much as the kids might whine, they will not be complaining when they are sitting on the beach in Fiji (well, they might). It will help save money on fuel to carpool a few times a month. Little savings will add up to a big ole cash stash in the end.

Save spare change

In addition to implementing family cutbacks and buying off-brand products, try collecting the whole family’s change for a few months. Depending on the size of the household, the family’s pocket change could really add up to quite a respectable sum.

Place large savings jars around the house, and add incentive for donations. For example, the kids get 10 minutes later on their bedtime for a week if they donate $5 of their allowance. Kids love instant gratification.

Get a side job online

The internet is a terrible thing to waste. If the family needs extra money, go online and find it. There are countless opportunities to make a little extra scratch. Pick up some freelance writing jobs. Take surveys and get paid. Become a driver for Uber. Sell the junk in the garage on Craigslist or eBay. The possibilities are virtually endless (pun intended).