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5 Online Places To Look For Travel Destinations


Picking your next travel destination could be fun. Or it could be frustrating, tedious, and troublesome because you feel like you have either too many or too few options. So the best thing to do is start out with a plan. And that plan often will involve doing some online searching via your phone or desktop.

So without further ado, dig into MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, and see what you can find out about what your next journey should look like. Online accounts like this are good places to search because you can find real stories by real people, instead of just advertising.

MySpace Profiles

In the realm of MySpace, there is still some value after that great fall from grace. Lots of people still post things there, even though the format is different and the way updates happen aren’t so popular or ubiquitous as in the past. Once you do find a few profiles that you like, you can generally find others of a similar quality by following the flow of information, and there are pockets of travel-worthy profiles just ripe for your imagination to hook onto.

Facebook Groups

Finding Facebook travel groups will probably give you the largest glut of information when it comes time to pick your travel destination. The organization and threading of conversations is pretty solid, and even though there can only be one link per comment or post, you can get a ton of great answers to questions you have about different destinations, or simply just browse what people are on there sharing anyway. There are great photo albums that are easily linked to from these groups as well, giving your some nice visual representations.

Instagram Brands

And because vacation often deals more with memories that form pictures rather than stories in text format, you can always look up Instagram travel hashtags and find millions of examples of places that you might want to visit. The search system inside Instagram probably makes it the easiest to navigate quickly out of your online options.

Snapchat Stories

A relative newcomer to the mix, but one that is performing quite well socially in its own right is the Snapchat story. By following stories of people who are in different parts of the world, you can find unfiltered versions of what people do on a daily basis.

Twitter Feeds

And if you want to find a good mix of quick quotes, photos, and videos of different areas, simply do the same type of search that you did for hashtags on Instagram, but within the Twitterverse. There are more kinds of media available in this way, though it may be a bit harder to navigate through the feeds because of the linear format of the searches.