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5 More Reasons To Travel To California


Especially when you’re younger, or in your teen years, you may have succumbed to the dream of traveling to California some day. So much of pop culture, from music to TV, is based on those sunny geographical dispositions, that it was hard not to drift off into a bit a fantasy-land about it.

And now, as an adult, you can find more reasons to want to travel to California! A few of them include a chance for unique fun, opportunities for healing and recovery, networking in the entertainment industry, enjoying live sporting events, and just relaxing and absorbing the weather.

A Chance For Fun

As an adult, the chance for fun in California might be more geared toward a family trip to Disneyland rather than a private experience of being around Hollywood stars, but it’s extremely compelling if you have kids, a little bit of extra money, and some time off. There’s no experience quite like it, and as long as you do some planning ahead, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. Activites include everything from sight seeing and museums, to white water rafting with companies like can be found at https://www.americanwhitewater.com/american-river-rafting/south-fork. There’s something for everyone so make sure that you do your research before arriving.

Enjoying Some Sports

There are a ton of sports teams in California. If you’re a sports fan, you can see live competitions in hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and all of the other related activities you can think of. The stadiums are amazing, and the crowds are unreal.

An Opportunity For Recovery

Because of a number of cultural coincidences, California is known as a great place to heal and recover, especially when it comes to the sensitive subject of recovering from an addiction. The resources are there for beautiful rehab facilities, and the environment is often more conducive to healing than at other locations around the world. Because celebrity rehab is a real thing as well, there’s more money in the industry there than in other geographies as well. Depending on how much money you have, you’ll be able to pick different degrees of privacy.

Entertainment Networking

If you have tried to get into the entertainment industry as an adult, then you know the draw of California as well, when it comes to everything from acting, to music production, to theater, to every other artistic endeavor. It’s a tough life with severe competition, but if you’re serious about breaking in, moving to the sunny west coast is one way to make it happen.

Absorbing the Weather

And finally, just in terms of pure weather, it’s hard to beat California, and specifically the southern area, where San Diego is just about the perfect temperature all year around. Los Angeles can be a little dirtier, drier, and harsher, but the fact that the sun in constantly shining on you is something that many people aspire to if they have to move anywhere.