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5 Essential Travel Upgrades You Should Make For Your Health


Whenever we see the word ‘upgrading,’ we think about all the unnecessary splurging on opulent travel perks. But little do we know that some of these upgrades are essential and beneficial to our health. Feeling uncomfortable or ill during a vacation are avoidable mood-kills that will get you considering the following travel upgrades: 

#1 – A Better Seat On A Long Haul Flight

Being stuck in a regular seat in Economy Class during a long-haul flight can be rather nightmarish. Regardless of which airline you choose, the standard ‘seat pitch’, meaning the distance between a seat and the seat in front is approximately 36 inches. For a majority of passengers, it is essential to be able to stretch frequently to avoid health implications such as blood clot in your legs or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Even if you assume that risks of such serious health concerns are low, having to deal with leg cramps for over 10 hours of flight would most likely place you in an unhealthy sitting posture, leading to stiff necks and back pains.

Upgrading to Business or First Class seats may be exorbitant but fret not! You can easily avoid cramped airplane seats by opting to pay for seats in Economy Class that offer extra legroom. These seats are typically located at the front of exit row seats, which will only cost a little extra fee to reserve when you book your flights. So spend the extra dough, and stretch to your heart’s content as you prop the airline magazine with the latest travel updates on your thighs!

#2 – Upgrading Your Hotel Fridge 

Eating healthy is a huge challenge when you are away from home. The hotel’s mini bar tend to be stocked with an array of chocolates, chips and sugary drinks that are never suitable for meals or supper if you decide to stay in.

However, health junkies will be excited to know that for a $95 fee at Palo Alto’s Epiphany Hotel, you get a fridge that is almost as revolutionary as the city’s technology information. Packed with freshly squeezed juices, milk, nuts, homemade protein bars, salads, probiotic yogurts and fresh produce straight from the Farmer’s Market. Time to bid those minibar junk adieu.

#3 – Spending An Extra Night For Acclimatization

Heading to a destination exceeding 8000 feet such as the magical Machu Picchu? Although altitude sickness does not affect everyone, getting hit by a bout of nausea, exhaustion and hyperventilation can totally ruin your holiday. You may attempt making your way up immediately, but a stark difference in altitude within a short period may trigger altitude sickness.

Acclimatize by planning your tour from low altitude to high altitude places. For instance, if you are visiting Machu Picchu, the only way to reach it is through the Cusco (11500 feet). Spend a few days acclimatizing at Lima (5000 feet) or Sacred Valley (9000 feet) before heading up to Cusco and then make your way down to Machu Picchu. Go high and stay well!

#4 – Trusty Car Rental 

Having a rented car at your fingertips is undoubtedly convenient, but it also places you at higher traffic risk or delayed response during an emergency. Fortunately, you can choose to rent General Motors vehicles equipped with OnStar, which may include immediate response emergency services via a red panic button. This red ‘emergency’ button connects you with an emergency medical dispatch. Other notable functions of the OnStar are the built-in sensors for accidents, which is capable of predicting injuries. Check with your car rental company if you are unsure.

#5 – A Gym Of Your Choice

Admit it; it is hard to garner motivation for a workout in a tiny, dull gym room. Unfortunately, a large proportion of hotels in America brags a gym that resembles a closet. So if you want to keep up with your routine or just lose some calories, look for an accommodation with state-of-the-art gym facilities. Over at Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, the 5800 square foot facility features the latest wearable gadgets on top of the usual fitness tools with their high-tech TRAZER interactive training system. With such addictive training aid, who wouldn’t want to break a sweat?

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Evlin Symon is a freelance health writer from New Jersey. She enjoys learning about a wide variety of wellness issues and staying up-to-date on the latest research. She also is the author of many active blogs.