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3 Reasons Not To Travel: Why A Vacation At Home Might Be The Better Choice


Yes, you read the title correctly. There are so many people that just can’t wait to hit the beaches, test their luck in the casinos, or explore foreign cultures. Everywhere you turn, society seems to encourage you to take a break and invest in some time away, but taking that trip might not always be the best idea. Below are three reasons you may want to rethink your travel plans.

There’s Just Too Much To Get Done

We hear a lot of talk about who is the most powerful nation on the planet. Some measure this by the size of a country’s military. Some consider how rich a nation is to be the deciding factor.

However, in the end, it is the nation that gives their all on a regular basis that usually ends up on top. Why did we mention that? Glad you asked. Sometimes, making it to the next level, whether that be in life, love, our job, or something else, means foregoing on that break or that vacation and doing what is needed to get the job done.

That’s not to say that you will never run the risk of becoming a workaholic, but there are times when it’s important to push through to the goal line in the fourth quarter when you’re only down by 3 points. You can always party in the end zone afterwards and that vacation will wait on you, as well.

Financial Responsibility

How many of you enjoy paying your bills? There weren’t many hands on that confession, if any. If you’re like most people, you have a rent or a mortgage, a car payment and insurance, and a phone bill. Then, there are the miscellaneous bills that add up.

Each of us shell out hard earned cash for gas, lights, water, and internet. That’s not even counting groceries or toiletries. Oh, let’s not forget the unexpected events in life like when your car unexpectedly breaks down, the water heater explodes, or Timmy breaks the neighbor’s window with his new frisbee.

Money is just not that easy to come by and even harder to hang on to. Sometimes, skipping that vacation is just good common sense and great budgeting. If you have to take out a loan to go on vacation, it’s probably better if you just stay home. Besides, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy some rest and relaxation without ever leaving the house or spending a dime. (But that’s a whole other article.)

Bad Timing

Do you ever have those times in life where everything seems to go wrong at the same time? Your son came home with a failing grade, you were demoted at work, your spouse misinterpreted a comment about their looks, Aunt Beth suddenly passed away, etc.

The list could go on and on. We have all had times like these in our life. Some of these examples are why we covet that vacation so badly. Sometimes, you just want to escape for a while, but that’s not always the wisest decision.

For example, if the demotion scenario fits you and you decide to take off on a vacation, not only might this communicate to your employer that you don’t take discipline seriously, but it may give him/her the idea that your job is not important to you at all. If you have had a sudden death of a family member or friend, running away on a trip could be misconstrued as highly disrespectful. Sometimes, the timing just might not be the best for travel.

Vacations are wonderful things. However, there is a time to push through the break.