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10 Craziest Restaurant Themes in the UK


Dining experiences should be memorable. Nowadays, we don’t just want food to linger on our taste buds, but restaurants to remain in our minds. We want something a little different, and we won’t settle for anything less than the best – or we’ll take to TripAdvisor to tell the world why something isn’t simply exquisite. We don’t just want great food, we want a full-on dining experience that makes us want to come back and see/eat more. Today, restaurants no longer operate in the traditional manner. Whether it is sourcing great ideas for the bar menu (from websites like https://atmosphere.tv/blog/bar-food, for example) or making sure that they serve only specials that their customers will prefer, it seems like restaurant owners have pulled out all the stops for their patrons. It is no wonder why there are modular restaurants from companies akin to BMarko Structures popping up, they offer something new and inviting within a non-traditional setting. It gets people talking and eating. Additionally, unique features like a green wall, or a Self Serve Beer Tap too, might intrigue patrons to frequent the restaurant to enjoy the ambiance.
So, if you are looking for the craziest restaurant themes in the UK, you can guarantee the following 10 will definitely stand out from the crowd. And yes, it’s all thanks to the collaboration of restaurant owners and companies like Mudd Creative that we are able to enjoy such unique themed environments and never have to even have a whiff of boredom in our city!

Basement Galley – London

Ever dreamt of dining on the tube? Yeah, us neither – but you can do just that at the Basement Galley in London. This is one unique dining experience you won’t forget in a hurry, as you’ll enjoy delicious dishes sat on the tube. You simply have to join the supper club or they can offer private events.

Death Row Diner – Liverpool

Death Row Diner caused a little bit of controversy when it first opened in Liverpool, but it has since gone on to become a popular restaurant in the city. The restaurant basically cooks up the last meals of Death Row inmates, and are labelled things like “No Regrets”. Despite its dark theme, the manager insists they are just a burger joint with a unusual theme.

Dinner in the Sky – London

Want to try food that takes you to Cloud 9? Well, Dinner in the Sky will do its best to do just that, as you can dine on a flying dinner table that hovers in the sky. No, we’re not kidding. You can dine in the air in London, as well as 44 other destinations across the globe. You will have to experience it to believe it.

Fab Café – Manchester

We all love nothing more than a good movie or TV show – which is why Fab Café is a popular destination in Manchester. Not only has the restaurant been inspired by both the small and big screen, but it is also home to some exciting alternative music.
Sci-fi and comic book lovers will feel right at home at Fab Café, which offers a laid back atmosphere and mouth-watering food. You can also have a browse at the incredible artefacts and art across the bar and restaurant.

Dans Le Noir – London

Dining in the dark might not sound like much fun, but it is at Dans Le Noir. The unusual restaurant is located in England’s capital city of London, and allows people to use their other senses to really make the most of their dining experience. As you won’t be able to see, the flavours will explode onto your tongue, and you’ll even have to find your way to your table using your body and intuition.

Frankenstein’s – Edinburgh

Frankenstein’s in Edinburgh has been inspired by none other than Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein novel. You will feel like you’ve walked straight into the book when you visit this amazing venue, which offers haggis, neeps and tatties, fish ‘n’ chips and Chicken with haggis mash, as well as a varied drinks menu.

Circus – London

You don’t need to leave a restaurant to catch a show at Circus in London. You can experience Pan-Asian cuisine as you watch the cabaret show and you’ll even have the chance to enjoy some late-night dancing. Add into the mix some fantastic service and you are in for one amazing night. Now that’s what we call entertainment!

Steak of the Art Restaurant – Cardiff

Cardiff is home to the quirkily cool Steak of the Art Restaurant, which offers fun booths, delicious steaks and affordable art that’s for sale. You can explore the yummy menu that’s been created by classically trained chef Steve Bowen, before you browse the art gallery and maybe even pick up a reasonably priced piece of art to start or add to your collection. The restaurant really is a work of art in itself.

Sarastro – London

Sarastro offers everything you could want in a dining experience, drama, music and delicious food. The opera-themed restaurant offers excellent service in the form of dancing waiters, with dishes that will also dance on the tongue. Your eyes will be kept busy, as they’ll dart about from the eclectic interior.

Annexe – Birmingham

The 1920s comes to Birmingham in the form of Annexe – a 1920s themed restaurant that brings you a mixture of France and Italy. In addition to the restaurant’s delicious a la carte menu created by an Italian chef, you can relax on the vintage furniture whilst taking in the amazing artefacts dotted around the restaurant.